Manchester United's defensive challenge against Sollszkers

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Football  //  05, February 2019


Leicester, AFP. Interim manager Ole Gner Solskajer has not been able to clear the defenses of his team Manchester United till now, but in the English Premier League (EPL) match against Leicester City on Sunday, he is expected to get rid of this problem. Solskjer can strengthen his defense and present his challenge to the EPL in the top four.In the match against Leicester, United will have to face the center-back Harry Maguure of the host team, who former United manager Jose Maurinho wanted to join with him at the beginning of the season. With the departure of Maurinho from the club, the United Kingdom's contract with this international footballer could not reach the end.

United won eight consecutive wins under the supervision of Soldcazar, but there is still a lack of quality in defense which is a problem. Solicazar, who took charge of the interim manager in December, became the first manager of the inaugural eight club winners.During this time, he won six wins in the EPL and won two FAs in the FA Cup, but on Tuesday, United went on to break the victory sequence after the 2-2 draw against Burnley. In the match, United's deficiency had emerged, where he had made a goal in the last moments, leaving his neck. However, United's aggression in the supervision of Soldacekers has been much better.

City: Manager Pepe Guardiola's team will arrive in Manchester City EPL on Sunday to keep their title hopes alive against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium. The city is five points behind Liverpool, which dominate the top of the EPL points table. However, after the 1-2 loss against Newcastle United on Tuesday, conditions have worsened for the city.However, Jürgen Klope's team failed to take advantage of the defeat of Liverpool City, whose team had to be content with a 1-1 draw against Leicester. City has lost four of its last nine matches played in the league, which is a big concern for him. Three of these teams are of low quality.

Gomez may have to undergo surgery: Clop London, Reuters: Liverpool's center back Joe Gomez may have to undergo a broken leg surgery and the club does not have any idea how long they will return to the ground. but on 5 December, the fracture came on Gomez's foot during a fight against Burnley. Liverpool is scheduled to play against ESPL in EPL on Monday, where injury to Dejan Lovren is difficult to play. Liverpool's problems have increased in such a way.

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