Abdul Qadir described Virat Kohli as Imran Khan, in comparison to these things

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Cricket  //  08, February 2019
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Team India captain Virat Kohli's fans list has now added a name. Virat Kohli has batted brilliantly in the three formats of cricket, especially in the year 2018, for some time now. In addition to his batting recently, there has been an increase in the praise of his captaincy. It also has the name of former Pakistan leg-spinner Abdul Qadir. Qadir compared Virat's captaincy and leadership to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and former cricketer Imran Khan.Qadir said that he looks quite parallel between Virat Kohli and former Pakistan captain and Imran Khan. Qadir said on a TV show on Tuesday night, "If Virat Kohli sees a batsman or captain as a batsman, then I can say that he is like Imran. Imran also used to present his example so that others can follow his footsteps. "He said that he will not compare both but there is the ability to lead from the front in Kohli too. "
Kadir said, "Kohli also takes responsibility and precedents from his performance so that others can play well." Qadir said, "Imran was such a person and he used to perform well with other players. Kohli has not reached there yet, but there is no doubt that he leads the front."

Earlier, Indian coach Ravi Shastri compared Kohli to Sir Vivian Richards and Imran. Shastri, who was considered a fan of Captain Virat Kohli, compared Kohli to West Indies great player Sir Vivian Richards and former Pakistani captain Imran Khan,"Virat is one of those great players who knows how to answer. He wants to dominate and does not have any other committed player like him. I think India is lucky that he has such a captain. He reminds me of Imran Khan in this matter."

Virat Kohli has come under the captaincy In the captaincy of Virat Kohli, Team India won the ODI series and T20 series in South Africa, T20 series in England, Test and ODI series against India in the West Indies last year.After that Virat did not perform well with his bat in Australia, but the manner in which he gave the team victory in the Test series and ODI series is being praised all over. After this, Virat also recorded a historic 4-1 victory over New Zealand in a five-match series in his captaincy. In the last one year, Virat's captaincy has seen great changes.

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