Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match cancelled due to Rain, rewarded with 1-1 Points

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Cricket  //  08, June 2019
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Pakistan vs. sri lanka ( match washed due to rain )

Pakistani and Sri Lankan sports fans were very disappointing. The match was canceled due to the rainy day. Later, on referee’s announcement both the team got 1-1 points. 


If we look at the points of both the team in World Cup 2019, then both the teams are standing on 3-3 points. The 3-3 match between the two teams has been played in which Pakistan has sensationally defeated England in its very first match, the same Sri Lanka team, considered to be weak in front of Afghanistan after losing their first match to New Zealand.

 Due to the rains, the two captains were very disappointed. After the announcement of the cancellation of the match, the sadness on the faces of both the teams could be seen clearly. The significance of this match for both teams can be estimated from the fact that till today Sri Lanka never won a single match against Pakistan in the World Cup.  Sri Lanka and Pakistan have faced 7 times in the World Cup so far and Sri Lanka has to face defeat every time.

Now the two matches for Pakistan will be very challenging as it is now going to be fought against India and Australia, and Pakistan hasn’t won a single match against them in the World Cup so far. Both matches will be very important in terms of its reputation, on the other hand, Sri Lanka will play their next match against Bangladesh on June 11.

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