ICC objects to logo of Army's "Balidan" badge on Mahendra Singh Dhoni's gloves.

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Cricket  //  08, June 2019
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Mahendra singh dhoni gloves

During the match played between India and South Africa, ICC has expressed objection to the appearance of wicket-keeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni's gloves on the logo of Indian Para Commando's "Balidan" badge. While referring to the rule of a logo from the BCCI, the ICC said that the keeper can show only the LOGO of a sponsor in his gloves and Dhoni is violating this rule, the reactions from both country on this topic are coming along on social media.


While everyone is praising Dhoni on social media, on the other hand, Pakistan's Science and Technology minister Fawad Hussain Chaudhry tweeted, saying “Dhoni has gone to play the World Cup in England, or to promote Indian Army.” BCCI has written to the ICC requesting that Dhoni has not broken any rules of any kind, nor does the LOGO point to any kind of religious, racial, caste, politics or commercialization and asked them to allow Dhoni to wear “Balidan” badge gloves in this World Cup. 


Dhoni used the "Balidan" badge logo in the honor of the Indian Army. On this, many Cricketer and Army Officers have come in the favor of Dhoni, the Union Minister himself has written a letter to BCCI and said that BCCI should talk to ICC in this matter. Also, BCCI CEO Rahul Johri said, “he’ll go to meet ICC’s senior officers before next match of India to request them to let Dhoni wear the “Balidan” badge gloves.”  

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