Sequoen Barclay left Ronaldo the world's most fitter player

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Football  //  12, January 2019

Sequoen Barclay, who plays in the US National Football League (NFL), is the world's most fitted player. The NFL team is top of the list of Barclay Top-25 FIFA Men's Player of the New York Giants. 21-year-old Barclay has left footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in fitness case. Ronaldo, 33, who topped the top last year, is at second place this time.

America's Sports Magazine Sports Illustrated has released the list of the most fit players of 2018. America's gymnast Simon Bales is number one in women. 21-year-old Bile is the world's most fit female player for the second consecutive year.

There is no single player from India in this list. Also there are no players of sports like cricket, badminton, hockey etc. If there are 20 sportsmen in the list of men's top 25 players It has 3 basketball totals.

At the same time, there are 17 sportspeople in women. There are 4 athletics in it. Barclay raises 100 kg more weight than normal person while doing back squat Barclays do three rounds of 3-3 hours in the gym. When weight weighs up to 224 kg. Its 7 rounds at a time. A normal person weighs 176 kg in the gym. Right there, while lifting back squats, they lift up to 238 kg. The normal person weighs up to 138 kg. The NFL player burns 22,000 calories a week. For this Barkele consumes 9 to 10 thousand calories daily. It is 5 times more than the normal person.

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